How to Use the Help

Access the Help

To access the help information from, click on the help icon in the upper right corner. Additionally, whenever updates have been made to the portal, you will see a star icon. Clicking on the help icon will then take you to the What's New page.

Navigation Panel

All topics in the help can be found in the left navigation panel. To view a topic simply select it. To view or close sub-topics select the arrow next to the main topic.


All pages can be searched using Ctrl-F. To search by keywords use the search bar at the top right of every page. For example, entering the words "medication refill" and then either selecting the magnifying glass icon or hitting enter on your keyboard will search every topic that contains that phrase. To view an individual topic, select its title (e.g., My Medications).


You can print a topic by using Ctrl-P or by selecting the print button at the top right of any topic. Also, use the bar icon next to the print icon to expand all drop-downs on a page.

Related Topics

To view an additional topic that is related to the topic you are currently viewing, select it under Related.

Additional Notes

We've utilized mock data throughout the online help. Any similarity or likeness to actual patients, providers, or locations is purely coincidental.