Schedule an Appointment

If your practice's system is configured to permit appointment scheduling, you may schedule appointments in the Portal.

To schedule a new appointment:

1. Select My Appointments.
2. Select Schedule New Appointment.
3. Select from the Reason for Visit drop-down and select an appointment type.

Reason for Visit is Required.

4. Optionally select a Location and a Provider. Depending on your practice, the Provider field may also be required.
5. Select a preferred date.
6. Select Search.

7. In the results page, select a time slot from a resource's appointment schedule (e.g., Monday Sep 10, 09:45 a.m.).

Only 5 days of available appointments will display at one time. To view additional days, use the < and > buttons.

8. On the next page, review your selection, optionally add notes, and then select the Submit button.

If the appointment time slot is no longer available after you select the Submit button, you will see a message that says “Sorry, this appointment time is no longer available. Please select another appointment time.” Select OK to close and redo your appointment.

9. If the appointment is successful, you will see the success page.
10. At this point you can print the details or select Map to view your provider's location and for directions through Google Maps.