My Medications

The My Medications page allows you to view all of your current and past medications. If your provider allows it, you can also request medication refills.

How to Get Here

Select My Health and then select Medications. After selecting Medications, you will see (if your practice participates in this feature) the Request Medication Refill button. In the Medications page you will see a list of your past and current medications (if you have any).

Request a Medication Refill

1. Select the Request Medication Refill button.
2. On the next page select a medication from the list, select a pharmacy (if you only have one pharmacy listed, the radio button will already be selected), and then select Submit.

Your practice may also allow you to manually enter a medication name, allow you to add a phone number, or allow additional comments.

3. A success notification then appears.

4. A copy of this information was also added to your sent messages folder. To access this message:
a. Select My Messages and then select Sent from the drop-down.
b. Select the message that says "Medical Refill Information". You will then see a copy of the medication refill information you submitted on the left side.