When you first log into you will default to your health record. This portion of the site displays your medical information including your vitals, medications, and lab results. You can also send and download your health records here.

How to Get Here

Log in or select My Health then Summary.

Filter Your Health Record by Date Range

The default date range for a patient's health summary is set to Last 3 years. In order to view All History, select All History from the View drop-down.

Choosing Select Date Range allows you to select a specific date range. After filling in your dates, select Apply. Your medical history for that date range will now display.

Retrieve Your Latest Health Record

To retrieve your most up-to-date health record, select the Retrieve your latest Health Record button.

Send Your Health Record

To send your health record to yourself or to another provider (via Direct Address) select the Send button.

In the pop-up, enter an email address (and if this a Direct Address, select the check box) and enter a message. When complete, select Send.

Download Your Health Record

To download your health record select the Download button. In the pop-up, select either PDF or XML and then select I Accept. Select a location on your computer and then select Save.