My Messages

In the My Messages page, you can send and receive secure communications to and from your provider.

How to Get Here

From the main page, select My Messages. From here you will be able to create new messages, view messages in your Inbox and Sent folders, reply to messages, and delete messages.

Your Inbox and Sent Messages

To view messages in your Inbox or Sent folders select either Inbox or Sent from the drop-down and then select a message from the menu. To reply to a message, select the Reply button. To delete a message, select the Delete button.

If your account has recently been updated, then some of your messages will be marked as Read Only. For these messages, the Reply button is disabled.

If you see a number above the My Messages tab, this indicates that you have an unread message in your Inbox.

Creating a New Message

To create a new message to your practice:

1. Select the + New button.

2. In the next screen, select your provider from the To drop-down.
3. Select a question from the I would like to ... drop-down.

4. Your written answer will then depend on which question type you select (if more than one is available). For example, if you select "ask a medical question", you will then be able write your answer to the question "What is the symptom/condition?" The maximum subject length is 50 characters.

5. To change the question type, select Change question type.
6. You can also add additional notes to your message by filling in the Type your notes here field.

7. You can also optionally attach files to your message by selecting the Attach File button. After selecting Attach File, navigate to the file on your computer and then select Open.

Only the following formats are accepted: PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and GIF.

8. To delete an attachment before you send it, select the X next to your attachment.

9. Select Send when finished.