My Profile

If your practice allows it, in the My Profile page you can edit your personal and contact information, and your insurance information.

You can also set your preferred provider and preferred location under Patient Preferences. These preferences allow you to set default providers and locations when requesting or scheduling appointments, or sending secure messages.

Additionally, in the API Token page, you will be a be to retrieve an API token that allows you to access protected health information through third-party solutions that are connected to our API.

You will only be able to update/edit your personal information or insurance information if your care-provider allows patients to do so in

How to Get Here

From the main page select My Profile.

Updating Your Personal Information

To update your personal/contact information (e.g, name, address, phone number, etc) select Edit.

After selecting My Profile, you will automatically default to the My Information page.

After selecting Edit, you will then be able to update any of the fields by simply entering in new information and then selecting the Submit button. For example, if you wanted to update your email address, simply select in the Email field and enter a new address.

Patient Preferences

Under Patient Preferences you can set your default provider and location.

To do so, select My Information and scroll down until you see Patient Preferences. Select Edit.

In the edit screen, select a preferred location and provider from the drop-down menus. Select Submit when complete.

Updating Your Insurance Information

To update your insurance information select My Profile, select My Insurance, and then select Edit.

After selecting Edit, you can then add new insurance information. Simply enter in the required information and select Submit.

If no insurance plans are on file and you would like to add insurance information, select the Add button.

API Token

In the API token page, you will be able to retrieve your API token in the portal. This API token allows you to access protected health information through third-party solutions that are connected to our API. For more information on the Greenway Application Access Patient API, see the web page here.

How to Get Here

Select My Profile and then select API Token.

Retrieve Your Token

To retrieve your token, select the Retrieve My API Token button. If successful (see the possible error below), then the Retrieve button changes to a Copy to clipboard button. Select the Copy to clipboard button to have the token copied to your clipboard.

In order for the API Token retrieval to be successful when a you select the Retrieve My API Token button, the following information must be included in the My Information section:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • DOB
  • Phone Number
  • Gender

After selecting Retrieve My API Token, the token is hidden. To view the token, select the icon. To hide the token, select the icon.


If you select Retrieve My API Token and receive the following message: "Sorry! Unable to retrieve the API token. Please contact your Physician's office to retrieve your API token", then there was an error processing your request and you must contact your physician’s office to retrieve your API token.

Your API token remains on the portal during your current session and is removed after you logout or switch to another account. The next time you login, you will need to reselect the Retrieve My API Token to access your token.