What's New

We are pleased to present Version 4.5.0 of MyHealthRecord.com. This release features:

New Login Page

We've updated the design of the MyHealthRecord.com login page. We've also added a Login Help button, which directs users to the Login Help topic.


This feature is not available to all patients.

The electronic forms (eForms) feature allows patients to complete eForms through the Patient Portal and send completed forms to their providers. For patients that have access to this feature, see the eForms help topic for more information.

Provider and Location Search

This functionality is not available to all patients.

Patients are now able to search in the Provider field when sending a secure message, and search in the Provider and Location fields when requesting or scheduling appointments.

Default Health Summary

The default date range for a patient's health summary is now set to Last 3 years. In order to view All History, patients will now have to select All History from the drop-down.

Location Address

A location's address now displays whenever a patient selects a location when scheduling or requesting an appointment in the portal.

Preferred Provider/Location Selection

Patients will now see a pop-up after selecting Search or Submit when requesting or scheduling appointments if they do not have a preferred provider or location set in My Profile. This pop-up offers to set a selected provider or location.