This feature is not only available to all patients.


In the Documents & Forms page, some patients will be able to complete electronic forms (eForms) that can be submitted to their providers.

How To Get Here

You can access eForms on the Patient Portal by selecting Documents & Forms and then selecting an eForm from the list.

Completing an eForm

After selecting an eForm from the list, the first page of the form appears (e.g., Social History eForm). Select answers to each required question and then either select Save for Later or Next.

If you select Save for Later, the content that is already entered will save and you can return later to complete and submit the form. A success message appears after you select Save for Later.

If you make changes and navigate away from the eForm page before selecting Save for Later, a prompt appears that asks whether you want to save your changes before leaving the page.

Some questions are conditional, that is, if you select Yes or No to a question, additional information may be required.

For example, after answering Yes to "Do you currently smoke?" additional information is required including an answer to "How many years have you smoked?" and "How many packs per day do you smoke?"

After completing all required questions, you can select Next to either go to the next page or go to the Review & Submit page.

If you do not complete all required questions and select Next, you will not be able to proceed to the next screen unless you complete all required questions, which will be marked in red.

Reviewing and Submitting an eForm

After completing all required questions in an eForm and selecting Next on the last page, the Review & Submit page displays.

The Review & Submit page displays all questions and answers and allows you to review your responses. If you would like to change an answer, select the Back button to return to the previous pages and amend your answers.

Select Recipient is required. The Submit button is grayed out until selection.

Additionally, you can select an eForm recipient by selecting a name from the Select Recipient drop-down. You can also search for a name by entering at least two characters into the search field. After selecting a recipient and reviewing the eForm, select Submit.

Print or Download a Completed Form

You can download and print an eForm after submission by selecting the Download or Print button.